EXPO 2018

SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018
(11AM - 6PM)

A platform to recognize, showcase and celebrate nutrition, wellness, beauty and lifestyle brands

Health & Beauty Expo is a FREE community event

The expo is a unique one of a kind experience that provides the community with the tools to be empowered and educated about their health and wellbeing, fitness, beauty, fashion and holistic and natural alternatives. The Expo is an opportunity for the community to come together and enjoy free activities, educational seminars as well as talk with key industry professionals.

We are excited to present interactive element and providing the community a real "hands on" approach to various activities of their interest to make second Health and Beauty Expo 2018 a great success. We are anticipating attendance level of more than 4000 persons.


AAA Events Inc. presented First Health and Beauty Expo- An effort towards empowering people for better health and in building healthier community

2017 was the first year of Health and Beauty Expo held at Royal King Palace in Surrey on Saturday, June 3rd. More than 70 exhibitors from health, wellness, yoga, meditation, beauty, food, hair and skin care, dental, fashion and other industries participated in the expo and around 2000 visitors attended the expo.

This was the first ever health and beauty expo organized at such a large level in the City of Surrey. Dr. Arun Garg, a well known health professional was the chair of the expo, along with committed and dedicated physicians like Drs Gulzar Cheema, Pargat Singh Bhurji, P. Bhui, Ajit Auluck, Gunu Warraich, N.K. Dutta and Li along with other professionals like Master Herbalist Klaus Ferlow, Nurse Leader Deljit Bains, to share common vision. It is not that often that just a broad base professionals share a common platform. We were impressed by the interest and keenness of members of the community to seek information on nutrition, diet, calories, and nutrients sleep, stress and their interaction with Health and Disease. To us that is the future, if we are going to lower the burden of this Tsunami of Chronic Diseases like Diabetes, heart attacks, kidney failure and many more. Connecting the dots and exponentially increasing the power of combined effort are part of the expo. The wellness and beauty show also provided that opportunity, where practitioners of integrated health system were able to share their thoughts on Meditation, Ayurvedic, Chinese and Herbal knowledge.

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